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A little story about us

Posted by Filip Mravic - October 2, 2016

We are a team based in Belgrade, Serbia. Currently we are consisted out of two UI / UX designers, one frontend developer, one backend developer.

From playing Nintendo, action and shooter games we have always wanted to achieve some in the big wild gaming world.

Now in the modern age, the gaming world is to be called ‘E-Sports’. Where our main focus lies. We have dedicated ourselves to develop our careers in this direction. As it’s where we can show our creativity in the fullest, where passion and crazy effects aren’t a problem, where rules are at the minimum.

After some time we have came to this conclusion, that Gaming / Esport makes us whole.

With the conclusion expressed, our goal is to create the best possible gaming themes and applications for many users to enjoy. The UI / UX will be implacable whilst the visuals are meant to differentiate from the standard e-commerce flat designs that are flooding the web world at the moment.

In the end, to narrow all this down, we are looking forward to some new adventures and also to have fun along the way!

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