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Story about a project vol 1: VampGamer – eSports & gaming betting platform

Posted by Filip Mravic - August 18, 2020

I am so proud to be writing this,

We from PixieSquad have worked hard in the previous period on a project called VampGamer. This project is a betting platform for eSports & gaming. If you like playing games, competing versus skilled players and if you win, some extra cash will run into your pocket? Than this is the place for you!

Basically, the workflow & the project’s timeline went like this.
– The client approached us with the inquiry somewhere around at the end of March, 2017. We then together with the client sat down, had a chat about what he exactly needed, once we’ve figured that out it was our turn to shine! We started brainstorming together, our whole team, what would be the best possible approach to an interesting project like this.

If you want to see the breakdown of Vampgamer, check this Behance presentation first.

Firstly, we figured he needs a strong logo & colors, thus the visual identity of VampGamer & colors. After, we did a couple of wireframes, drafts of the initial landing page that decides whether the user proceeds onto the next step or not. This page had to be a boom! So we put into an extra amount of work into it. With a color combination of blue & purple from the visual identity it was quite interesting to approach the main hero section & the graphic itself. We wanted people to realize from the right start it’s related to gaming, thus the gamer holding a joystick.

After the client approved this image and the whole landing page in total. We were super happy, since we knew from that moment it’ll be easier as we had the style. The next thing on the to-do list was the dashboard, we gave our hearth and sole into this, as this represented the home for the VampGamer’s registered users. We know who gamers are, what eSports fans like, so we want with a dark color scheme with great contrast for the color scheme. That was for the visual part of the dashboard, as for the user experience, it had to be easy & quick for people to get into games and start playing. So we made the website really easy to navigate in terms of actually playing match or tournament. It’s quite easy to, just register, login, deposit money & pick your opponent! Yes, it really is that easy.

From the technical side, we’ve used the latest technologies for the front-end part of the website, as it’s really important that it is responsive for all devices fluidly. Also, we’ve successfully integrated PayPal as a system to deposit & withdraw money. For the games & tournaments, we’ve inserted three platforms for now, Xbox, PS4 & Steam as the client wanted.

Lets now break down what VampGamer really offers to you guys..

The platform gives you the chance to play the latest & popular games for money. If you like sport games, it has it, FIFA 2k17, NBA 2k17 & Madden 2k17 it’s the place for you. If you like shooter games, CS:GO is your option and so on.. But before you play any game at all, you must select a platform, currently in option Xbox, PS4 and Steam. When you start creating a match, you can set the rules & wager to anything you’d like from the listed options. But aside from playing single matches, it offers you the ability to enter tournaments. You have a wide choice tournament formats & games to choose from. Once you enter a tournament, you play off until the tournament ends or when there’s no more matches to be played, after the first player on the leader board wins. If you like making friends as well, you can do this, since the platform has chats on almost each page, starting from the dashboard, game lobbies to tournaments. Also if you encounter any problems, you have a great FAQ to read from as well a support system to address your problems.

A quote from Shawn, owner of VampGamer

Pixiesquad is excellent at communicating and keeping you inform. Pixiesquad exceeded my expectations and consistently meets all deadlines.

Well guys, this is it for VampGamer, it was a real pleasure to work with the client, our new long lasting friend.

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