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UGC eSports – competitive matchmaking platform

Posted by Filip Mravic - March 19, 2018

Hey guys, how’s it going out there? Hope y’all are fine.
Today I am pleased to announce something that we have been working hard on for the past few months. This project took every single drop of effort, sweat, joy and even a little bit of crazy that we have. But we finally made it! The project is UGC eSports, a competitive platform in the eSports and gaming industry with a clear focus on big eSports gaming titles.

The nice folks from UGC ( Ultimate Gaming Championship, if you’re curious to find more about them see this link here ) approached us in mid 2017 to construct a project for them, which a time had one vision. To gather players from all over the world to compete and build their careers through the platform itself, to hangout and make new friends, to have a chance at being picked up by a pro eSports team and overall grow just as a player. When we heard this idea from them, it was love at first sight! We sat down, had a lot of brainstorming calls, wrote everything down and started working. You couldn’t believe the energy in these calls from both sides. It was truly something marvelous for myself to experience and take part in.

Make sure you visit the full showcase Behance presentation on this link here:

Strong appealing brand for gamers & clear UX

– The project itself had to be appealing towards the targeted audience ( eSports players & gamers ), it had to actually communicate with them. But we managed to accomplish this with a hexagon based brand image. Where the hexagon is set to display the six main factors of UGC eSports. I must add in that whilst designing the visual part of the project, we managed to do it one round. The feedback was perfect, we were on point always with every element. How did we manage to do this? We listened to the client’s wishes, we asked questions and even more questions. But before all, an appealing user interface is nothing without good user experience. The project itself is complicated and offers up the user a lot of features, this can get confusing. We had to make it easy and approachable by all users. We took our time on this part, multiple low fidelity wireframes were done and based on the user testings that we did, we eventually came up with a strategy and scheme how the flow would go.  It goes without saying, but the platform is responsive to all devices and screen sizes, so you have the same experience entering the website from any device.

Project breakdown & challenges

01 Real time actions

– As the project is kept up to date with latest technologies, this was a must. This was achieved on the following features: platform chat system, matchmaking system, popup action system, user profile system, statistics reporting system and basically everything that could be done real time it was done so. Real time actions help the user achieve and function on the platform quicker, easier and more efficient.

02 API Games, match statistic reporting & stream integration

– The platform supports big eSports titles such as CS:GO & Dota 2, they both have open API”s that are available for deeper game management and control. You can play both games from the platform just by a click of a button, the only thing that you need to do is setup your steam profile and you’re good to go. CS:GO offers you to play on UGC eSports branded servers with the standard VAC anticheat with full statistics match reporting. Dota 2 is setup with a UGC eSports bot that serves to manage you ingame and to create & curate actual game lobbies in order for the match to begin. Lastly, if you’re a streamer or want to begin start streaming, you can begin your career on UGC eSports through Twitch, Mixer or YouTube, it’s your pick.

03 Pool play leagues & tournaments

– One of the core features is the ability to play pool play leagues & tournaments. Pool play leagues allow you to participate in league seasons carefully managed by the UGC eSports game administrators. They are constructed out of group divisions ( players are seeded into groups depending on their personal & team ELO ) where you play a different range of matches every week. After joining a league you will receive a full league schedule and play out. The results from these matches are counted in the group standing tables and at the end of the season top two players from each group are invited to play a final global tournament ( double elimination ) for the league champion title. A part from participating in leagues players are available to take part in single & double elimination tournaments hosted by UGC.

04 Chat & friend system

– To make users interact with each other easier and to give them motivation, we’re implanted a fully operational chat & friend system. The chat system allows the users to interact and send messages, basically chat like any bigger social media ( facebook, whatsapp etc. ). The friend system allows you to make buddies on the platform, keep in touch with their latest activities and movements on the platform through the timeline on the user dashboard.

05 Achievements, leveling & elo system

– All in order to make the user strive to be the best version of himself, we’ve inserted these three systems. The first system ( achievements ) award you for all kinds of actions that you do on the platform, in example: When you kill two thousand players in CS:GO. The leveling system gives you a full insight of seniority on the platform. It is basically a factor that determines how experienced you are actually using the platform and for certain actions that you take you gain experience, when you cross a certain amount of experience you gain a level and rank. Finally the elo system determines your how skilled you are as a player in a certain game mode, in example 2100 elo in 5v5 CS:GO. You gain elo by playing matches and matches, well not just playing, by winning.

06 Community, FAQ & support desk system

– For the platform to be able to grow a loving community, they firstly need to be taught how to use the platform through the frequently asked questions. There is also a community forum which serves to be a form of announcements, a place for suggestions & finally somewhere where you can share your feedback. But if you’re experiencing issues with the platform, you have the ability to push a ticket to the support desk, where a support agent will address your issue as soon as possible.

07 Premium user & teams, organizations. 

– The platform has divided their user base into two group roles. Free & premium users. A free has a certain set of limitations on his account, while the premium user has all of the features available and even more. A premium user has full insight into his and other’s statistics, track record & activity. A premium user can play premium only leagues & tournaments. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a pay to play platform, but this is a way for the crew of UGC to be able to support the platform and keep adding new features constantly. Free users are able to play matches, view their own statistics, participate freely in tournaments, leagues and be a part of teams/organizations. Users are also able to create teams and have their own team profiles, where their activity and track record is showed. Organizations can also register on the platform and have their own organization profile, where they can display which and exactly how much teams they own, promote their sponsors and so much more.

08 PayPal integration & withdraw, deposit

– The UGC eSports website has a withdraw and deposit system, where you can earn money through playing leagues, tournaments & wager matches. So basically you have your own wallet on your user account. It supports PayPal and credit cards for now.

All in all, creating this project was amazing experience for the whole team to endure. We’ve gained a new partner, friend by developing this with UGC. I am certain that this project has a bright future and that we from Ragebite will continue working along side with Ultimate Gaming Championship.

Here’s a quote from our beloved Everett Hicks, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Ultimate Gaming Championship:

Working the crew from Ragebite has been nothing short of a pleasure. Their top notch team were able to realize our vision and even helped to improve upon it. We look forward to working with Ragebite as UGC Esports continues to evolve and grow!

One more thing to mention, this platform is now entering it’s beta phase and is now looking to invite members who will have early access to the platform in order to perform final steps before the live version. Get your beta invite on this link here:

Looking forward to seeing this platform in action and for it to gain the well deserved glory!

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