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Hey guys,

So another year has passed by us, and we’re now enjoying what’s left of the holidays with our loved ones and looking back on what all happened in the previous year of 2017. For us at PixieSquad it was really great, we’ve been through lots of adventures, and new challenges and met lots of new wonderful people across the whole year.

The story of PixieSquad throughout 2017

The very beginning of 2017 was a lot hard for us. We’ve just ventured into a new wild world called ThemeForest, where we started to create WordPress themes for esports & gaming. The first theme was out on 2nd of December, 2016 and it is PixieHype. Even though this theme came out a month before 2017 started, we were still adapting in January on how support should be handled, and how to properly take feedback from customers, and based on that we needed to think ahead and start making new themes whilst taking good care of PixieHype. As an author we’ve received tons of support from our customers and the community on Envato right at the kickoff, also I have to mention that we received the trending label on our theme just a week later. This gave us a huge motivational boost that we’re doing something good and from that we we went forward on developing new themes. PixieHype as a theme was not all that complicated as some other themes may seem. It’s an effective way to present a smaller esports/gaming team or organization through a one page, that was our goal here. To provide a simple, yet attractive solution at a more favorable price. As time passed by, we set a new challenge for us, to create a full package what one real esports organization would need, thus arose PixieBolt.

We got struck by a bolt of energy

It was developed with great speed and focus. PixieBolt, as a theme has multiple inner pages and a home page which was a brief summary of those inner pages. The design was up to date with the latest standards at the time being, which gave us an edge over the competition. It has everything, well in our eyes everything what one should need to give insight to others for their team. Streams, matches, multiple rosters, you name it, we had it. Our customers adored the theme, we received lots of compliments for it on every side. Not to sound too perfect, I need to let you know something, we had some glitches and problems with it on release, but all of those were fixed in a timely manner. This is the reason why our customers and public show faith us, because like it or not we were in this together. Helping each other out in every way possible and even beyond that sometimes. But boy, let me tell you the petition of tickets compared what we had when there was only Hype out, was nothing compared to what started going on when Bolt was released. To be honest it was a real joy handling those tickets, as we’ve gained a couple of true friends along the way, so it paid off in the long run.

Huge motivation and being under the spotlight

Even more time elapsed, things settled down a bit, it wasn’t all so crazy, this is the moment where we saw fit to push the limit even further, we’ve started to develop two themes PixieClash and PixieHuge. PixieClash was a simple solution for tournament organizers to display their tournament through one page that contains all the info one visitor needs to know in order to keep track of the tournament’s location, stream & playout format, while PixieHuge has all of the features almost that PixieBolt has, we decided to expand the theme a bit further with some amazing features such as separate team and player profiles and a match page etc. Building these two themes was quite an experience and a huge adrenaline rush for us, as we were being spammed all day and night for when we’re going to release these two themes. The public welcomed them with so much joy, so much that even one of them got featured on for a week a few months after it’s release! That even got us featured as an author as well!


Vampgamer and other projects

This project was finished in late May, 2016. The client approached us with an inquiry where he needed a solution for gamers to be able to play games and bet on matches. As a small team, it was a challenge, but a challenge that we faced head on nonetheless! For a more detailed insight on the project, you can visit the full Behance presentation here:
Also if you want full insight into the story behind the project, you can visit this link here.
In the meantime, we worked on other projects that we’re not able to discuss yet with you guys, but we can’t wait for us to share them. All I can say right now is that it’s going to be something marvelous, extraordinary, something that involved every bit of energy and willpower that we as a team have.

At the end of the year, we gained one special friend, Well not only a friend, but a partner as well. We’ve sat down and comitted to Noble that from now on we’re going to support each other fully in our future endeavours. This was a great finish before the upcoming holidays.

Before this amazing story ends, I’d like to give our CEO a moment to share his comments on the previous year.

“The year behind us will remain remembered as a year of hard work, mistakes and a lot of energy. Before all it will be a year where the initial ideas of team have began to realize.” – Boris Wick, Chief Executive Officer.

All in all, this year has been remarkable for us. I must say I’m quite proud on the work done in the previous year and I’m sure that we’ll continue to go further on, push the limits, continue to surprise you guys always with new things!

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