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We have reached a new milestone for 500 sales!

Posted by Filip Mravic - July 3, 2017

We have started this adventure in August 2016, now with almost 10 months of experience on ThemeForest we accomplished to sell 500 themes which is quite extraordinary!
In the behalf of the whole team at PixieSquad, we’d like to thank our friends, colleagues & customers for the amazing support that has been given to us so far. Really thank you!

Lets summarize our actions in the previous period, well currently we have 3 themes and hopefully the fourth will be out in a few days This will give us to an opportunity to have a solution for almost everyone in the eSports & gaming world. A one page theme that has a clear focus to display everything you need to know about a team/org through just a scroll – PixieHype. A more complex solution for bigger eSports team/organization or for people who like their information to be more sorted, we offer up – PixieBolt & PixieHuge ( soon), lastly if you’re looking to host a competition/tournament, something great is ready for you as well! – PixieClash. Our next focus is to work on even a fifth theme ( spoiler alert), that’ll recap our experience for the previous year working on ThemeForest. We’ll see what’s next after that, but we know it’s going to be awesome!

A fun fact is that our themes are being across 42 countries worldwide with a 98% five star rating. Our team loves working with customers & striving to make them happy as much as possible.

On the other hand, we’ve been busy working hard on private projects as well where some more complex, detailed, unique solutions are in the works.
Besides that, our website has received even a great new look as well a complete overhaul on existing systems ( support, documentation and tutorials added! )

Lets see what Boris has to share with us on this remarkable day…

In regards that the goal of PixieSquad is to help and shape the eSports & gaming scene. I am truly proud of what we have accomplished and achieved in the previous period.

As a team we have invested a huge amount of effort to present the Squad and our idea. Since our first sale, which happend on the 2nd December, 2016 until today, our hype and will power never did not fall at any moment. We have given everything we’ve got and tried to justify your trust.

In the upcoming period, a lot of new challenges are waiting for us which won’t be easy at all. But we’re certain that we’ll achieve all our plans.

Once more I would like to thank all of our customers, organizations, teams, partners & friends who stood besides us and supported the PixieSquad idea.

Well guys, we bragged here a little bit, but it’s because we’re so proud of the work we do and shows just how much we love it! It truly is our passion.
Cash me ousside for when PixeSquad reaches the next milestone!

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