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PixieFreak is out! Get funky, freaky

Posted by Filip Mravic - November 13, 2018

Hey, yes you’ve read it right. PixieFreak is out on ThemeForest, why not PixieFusion as promised?

Well as we were in the process of the famous ThemeForest’s theme review, we had some changes to do which is a normal thing. But as we made those changes the name PixieFusion wasn’t just working or clicking for us like it used to. So our main developer Alex came up with the idea to switch up the names for the themes. So instead of PixieFusion, the theme’s name is PixieFreak.

Don’t worry, we didn’t switch up the functionalities, everything is still the same, just a new name.

PixieFreak is first of all a great home for tournaments, eSports teams & organizations. The name says it all, a Freak, why? Well a mixture of creating tournaments and presenting your teams is something truly rare. This is what we’ve been asked for countless times when something like this would be available. We’ve listened to your guys advise and the day has finally come.

So instead of me going on how good this theme is and what it can do, I’ll paste in our carefully prepared theme description:

PixieFreak is an ultimate solution for eSports teams, tournament organizators and all gaming enthusiasts. The theme is designed with a goal to provide multiple options, to allow a wide range of different capabilities. You can use the theme to setup your eSports team website, gaming clan, news portal or to host a tournament. If you’re dedicated and really into eSports, you’re free to use all of these options at once.

The structure of the theme provides you with maximum flexibility. With PixieFreak you can easily hide, show or reorder sections. You can change the style, colors and many other things. The most important thing is that you don’t need any developer skills, everything can be done through the simple PixiePanel which comes with the theme itself.

It was a hard journey, with a lot of sweat, paper throwing fights ( kidding about that one or am I? ) and of course epic moments! We couldn’t have done this without the loving support from our Discord community, which we give praise to a lot. So I’ll catch you guys next time, hopefully soon again!

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