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Official PixieSquad branding revamp & new website

Posted by Filip Mravic - June 25, 2017

Long time, no see people!

With great joy, I am writing to you today. As we need to catch up on previous actions that developed in the past. We have been extremely busy working on the whole new visual identity for & the new systems ( website, support, documentation & tutorials introduced ).

So basically let’s do a breakdown on how things progressed and what was done in order.
Firstly we realized that our current logo has room for improvement, so the brainstorming has started. After that, the pursuit of bringing the idea to life started.
The initial idea from September, 2016 was kept. P+S symbols formed in a shield shape which represents a squad meaning. This time the final outcome has a better shape in total, it has a more applicable use for online, print purposes. The color scheme has remained the same, as it brings a certain flavor to the shape allowing for the use of visually appealing contrast. Would like to know your feedback on this though!

Lastly, but not least, I’d like to introduce a totally new website & system design within our brand’s guidelines.
So what’s new in details?
– We have introduced a new landing page, from which you have a better hierarchy of information display, as well as new sections have been introduced on it ( you can now buy themes on it, view our client testimonials, easier overview on the total sitemap etc. )
– A new support system is online with easier search on our new knowledge database ( previous tickets that have been made public, so that you don’t have to make a ticket for something that has been already answered ) – personally my favorite, hehe.
– Documentation, a new design to it, following the new style of the whole website. Easier to read and manage.
– Tutorials, something new that we have introduced, but yet old. We have integrated the tutorials from our YouTube’s channel to a new section of the website, so now you have everything you need right here!

Also guys, we have a visual presentation of the changes explained here to you, so go on this link below & enjoy the scrolling!

So before I sign off, let me know what do you think about all of this? Also I’m inviting you to stay updated on this blog, our social media channels!
Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram ( smash that like & follow button! )

Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend!

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