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Get new theme & PixieSquad enter into a partnership

Posted by Filip Mravic - December 13, 2017

Hey guys,
I’m proud to announce that as of Monday, December 11th 2017 Noble and PixieSquad have entered into a partnership. Where they will strive, continue to support one and other as they grow.

As I’ve said, we’ve entered into a partnership with a top team in the eSports community & scene. What is Noble? Well firstly, they’re a multi-gaming eSports organization and they happen to be one of my personal favorite #PUBG teams! They’ve recently participated in IEM Oakland 2017 with their PUBG team. Not only do they attend top eSports events, they have a team of streamers who are dedicated to bring quality content for their viewership.

In this special occasion, we’ve set our theme PixieBolt, for eSports teams/ organizations, on a two day sale! This is us showing how happy we are about our new found friends. So get it while it’s hot, for only $42 USD. Be quick about it and start setting up your perfect eSports website! 

As you can probably see on Noble’s twitter, they have recently revamped their website. Well we’re proud to say we had our fingers mixed into it. The result is quite satisfying to us, but as always your opinion is welcome and important to us! So leave a comment below what you think about it.

This sums up everything I had to announce today, we’ll continue with the hard work for you guys!

Signing off, have a good one.

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