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Author level 3 within a month of being on ThemeForest!

Posted by Filip Mravic - January 11, 2017

Hey there again, no funny introductions this time, just kidding.. how’s it going our dear Pixies?


Yes, you’ve read it. We are proud to say that we have earned author level 3 ( selling more than $1000 on ThemeForest ) only after a month of being on ThemeForest. It’s amazing, we know! Firstly we would like to thank all of you who have supported us until now. As a team, earning these kind of awards, being mentioned, reading your comments, reviews, this is why we work every single day, giving our best, fighting when there’s no room to fight, all of it for YOU! You guys bring us joy each day by using our products, talking to us on and really pushing us forward!

The Envato community is definitely a wonderful place to be a part of, we wouldn’t have made it here, if it wasn’t for them as well. So thank you Envato!

We will continue to progress forward with our next project with even more speed & effort. So this means an another theme will be available for purchase, hopefully close in the future. Yet while we’re maintaining the current services/products we provide now.


Until next time our dear Pixies!

A salute from your Squad buddies!

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