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Enter the giveaway, win a jersey from Ragebite or a PUBG on steam!

Posted by Filip Mravic - February 15, 2018

Today we’re announcing our giveaway for a jersey that’s signed and printed with any name you want, for the second winner we’re giving away a PUBG ( Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds ) steam key. So be quick about it and enter now!

Ragebite Jersey giveaway!

To enter the giveaway you must do the following on the frame above:

  1. Follow us on Twitter on Ragebite
  2. Follow us on Twitter on PixieSquad
  3. Retweet a tweet from PixieSquad for the theme PixieHuge
  4. Retweet the giveaway
  5. Visit us on ThemeForest

On march 8th, we will pick two lucky winners, the first winner will receive a jersey from Ragebite. We will contact him via email with the following inquiry:

  1. To give us a name that’s printable on the jersey, there will be a character limit.
  2. To give us his address where the jersey will be shipped to.
  3. Important note: the shipping for the jersey will be free, but if any other charges apply we are not responsible for those. ( This goes mainly for border customs charges )

The second winner will receive a PUBG steam key, we will send this steam key to his email address, he will have 7 days to collect this key.



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